Usborne Books & More offers nearly 2,000 titles, all available in my online shop! The books are exciting, engaging, and educational.

Did you know you can sell Usborne and Kane Miller books from from home? Become an Independent Consultant and make money by starting your own book business when you join Usborne Books & More!

It’s quick, easy and offers great rewards. An average host receives around $300 in FREE and discounted books!

About Usborne Books & More

Usborne Books & More is an independent, family owned business, which creates wonderful books for children of all ages. We offer direct retail sales, grant-matching, fundraisers, home parties, online events, and more.

I’m happy to provide recommendations or shopping lists. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.

Our Programs

Online Shopping

Shopping directly online is the only place to get the complete selection of Usborne and Kane Miller books. We offer only a limited selection via stores, and do not distribute via the typical large, on-line retailers. This enables our Independent Consultants to offer the best selection, best recommendations and best customer service. When shopping direct with Usborne Books & More, you will find nearly 2,000 titles as your selection. We have even recently started offering a wider array of Spanish language titles.

Some of our favorites include:

Join and Become an Usborne Consultant

Sell Usborne And Kane Miller Books

Did you know you can sell books from from home? When you become an Independent Consultant you will be able to offer books via various outlets, including:

There are no monthly minimums. You do not need to commit to any minimum sales requirements. Plus, you will receive a discount on any books you buy for your family. You really have nothing to lose — and you can get started for as little as $75!

Host a Party

Whether hosting online or in person, an Usborne Books & More party provides a fun and lively format, you’ll explore what makes these innovative, stunning books the best children’s books on the market today. Learn practical ways to encourage the love of reading and build an extensive home library, all while sharing time with your friends and family!

It’s quick, easy and offers great rewards. An average host receives around $300 in FREE and discounted Usborne and Kane Miller books! Learn about our hostess rewards.

We offer home parties or the easy option of an online party.

Cards for a Cause Summary

Cards For A Cause Fundraiser

Usborne Books & More prides itself on delivering a unique platform of value and a high return to the organization. The Cards For A Cause Program offers five boxed sets of 30 beautifully embellished cards with matching envelopes.

Typically, the fundraiser is ran for a two week period. The organizer will collect orders and payment, then the card boxes will be ordered by your consultant. You should expect to receive the cards about two weeks later and the organizer will distribute.

Usborne Literacy for a Lifetime Grant Matching

Grant Matching

Literacy for a Lifetime ™ is a grant matching program where we partner with corporations, foundations, and individuals. Donations or grants are granted to the association or school. The company or school will choose the books they would like to purchase from the Usborne Books & More collection.

The balance of the books will equal 150% of the amount given. 100% will be bought with the donation or grant money and the other 50% will be contributed by Usborne Books & More.

  • Donations can qualify as tax deductible.
  • Donations must be a minimum of $250.
  • The organization or school can choose from the full catalog of Usborne and Kane Miller books.
  • The grant matching program can be used as often as possible with no limit on the amount that can be donated or matched.