Spring Book Series! Week 4

Spring Book Series, Week 4 Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and gardens are growing! Who wouldn’t be in a great mood? Spring does go by quickly but what a welcome after such a brutal winter. When my daughter was small, we used to love to take walks and pay attention to every little sound

Spring Book Series! Week 3

Spring Book Series, Week 3 Spring is one of my favorite times of the year mostly due to chicks. I’m not embarrassed. 😀 I love those cute little guys popping up everywhere when springtime is upon us! With that confession out of the way, there’s an adorable book on my radar this year featuring those

Spring Book Series! Week 2

  For week 2 of my Spring Book Series, we’re going to bust out our flashlights and dig in the dirt! Let’s have some fun while we check out this awesome book…Shine-A-Light: Secrets Of The Vegetable Garden! The Shine-A-Light series is a huge favorite in our house! The book is a great non-fiction book that

Spring Book Series! Week 1

Spring is almost here! To celebrate the approaching flowers and sunshine, I’m starting a Spring Book Series! In the upcoming weeks, I will feature one of my favorite springtime books and a coordinating activity or snack. What a fun way to kick off the spring season! First up, It All Starts With A Seed by

Valentine Bookmarks

Valentine bookmarks? Yes, please! When it comes to picking out valentines for my daughter’s class, the decision process at the store has been agonizing in the past. This year, we decided to go for EASY and make valentine bookmarks to hand out to her classmates. These are great for boys and girls and BONUS they

Reading Trackers

Reading trackers are a fun and helpful way to aid your young readers! Children begin tracking words with their finger before their eyes to follow along with text. Finger tracking is a natural progression of training your child’s eyes to track words on the page. For children developing literacy skills, adding a silly tracking tool

Black Friday Baby!

It’s almost here…Black Friday baby! Everyone likes to save money when holiday shopping (I know I do). I’m a die hard Black Friday shopper to my CORE. I’ve been participating for years. I can even remember waiting in line for over 2 hours with my friend to buy her mom a VCR! 😂 We laugh

Space Books

Space books intrigue children and adults of all ages. This is a well known fact in our house. There are so many things to love about our solar system, the moon, astronauts and rockets, that kids just can’t resist. I find that space is a popular love for both boys and girls. My daughter used

Fall Book Craft

Fall books and crafts are two of my favorite pairings! Fall is a favorite for my family whether we’re apple picking, drinking cider or just soaking in the beautiful foilage. So why not put together a fall book craft? Apple picking is a great family activity, especially in New England. Town after town showcase their finest