Popcorn Stories!

Let’s talk about an easy storytelling activity for building oral language. Encouraging your child to tell and share more stories will connect them to their creativity. Try this fun activity with your child…Popcorn Stories! Popcorn Stories are basically little stories that “pop” into your head when you hear certain prompts. My favorite and easiest is

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge Is Here Everybody! I’ve been working on this summer reading challenge for awhile and I think your kids will love it! No reading log, no handouts to turn in and best of all…NO pressure! Just an old-fashioned summer reading game with a cool twist to help other children at the same

Screen Free Week Challenge!

Screen Free Week is happening April 30th-May 6th. It’s a great time for kids to focus on non-screen activities. Sounds easy right? Ha! I’m sure we all have a few activities that we could shout out but enough for a week?!?! Help is required. Screen Free Week was originally developed in 1994 as a break

Library Scavenger Hunt

I’ve always been lucky that my daughter loves to go to the library. For some parents though, getting your child through those double doors may take a little creativity. I put together this fun library scavenger hunt as a game to get children excited about their library visit. Kids can compete against each other and

Raising A Reader

Raising a reader has always been an important parenting goal of mine. Bedtime stories are a ritual in our house. Since Amelia was a baby, my husband or I would read to her at bedtime. Amelia would have all of her favorite books lined up in the order that she wanted us to read them. Each

Baby Book Shower

Baby book showers are the newest trend with Parents-To-Be! Such a great idea! Watch this video for my ideas on how to throw a fun and unique book baby shower! [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAJ8uznmZLM[/embedyt]

Beginning Readers

When our children are learning to read, phonemic awareness is a term that you might not be familiar with yet. I know that when my daughter was beginning to read, I had never heard of the term. Phonemic awareness is the ability to HEAR sounds and separate, manipulate, and change them. Phonemic awareness is only

Teach Your Monster To Read

Do you have a budding reader? Maybe a preschooler who is starting to try and sound out words? A kindergartner just starting that list of sight words? You should absolutely check out Usborne’s free online program that helps your little one learn to read! The Usborne family created The Usborne Foundation to promote early literacy.

What Is Summer Slide And How Parents Can Prevent It

Studies have shown that if students do not have access to books or do not read during the summer lose up to 3 months of reading performance.  Those losses accumulate during the elementary school years so that by the time a child enters middle school, he or she may be up to 2 ½ years