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Usborne Books & More offers a profitable and unique greeting card fundraising program. This program has proven successful in many organizations. Our unique program, Cards For A Cause Fundraiser, offers greeting cards with a high rate of return. Over 40% of the sale price returns the organization raising funds.

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We know that there are many organizations with funding needs each year, and we are pleased to offer this opportunity to meet those needs. When you choose to participate in Cards For A Cause Fundraiser, over 40% of all sales benefit your organization.  Our rate of return is well above the average profit margin in the industry. Your organization will receive up to $13 per box (sold for $30 a box). There is no maximum amount that you could earn! If you are not tax exempt, you will need to either include the cost of tax (and take out of your profit), or charge additional for tax. If your organization is tax exempt, we will work with you to gather the correct paperwork and get this submitted for approval.

Check out our latest products. We cycle in new offerings each year so that you can repeat fundraisers, while still offering a varied product.

We will work with you directly to support the process of you selling the cards. We will ensure, if applicable, appropriate tax-exempt paperwork is in order. We can provide sample cards and order forms. You can then place your order directly through us and the card boxes will be shipped to you for distribution. The length of the fundraiser is up to you and your organization — but we typically recommend approximately two weeks.

Please allow 10-12 business days after your order has been submitted for delivery.

There is not limit to the number of fundraisers that you do. If you choose to do a recurring fundraiser year-after-year, we typically rotate in new boxes of cards so you may be able to sell to the same people by providing an updated product.