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How do I become an Usborne consultant?

To join Usborne and be on my award-winning team, click here

How much can I earn?

When you become an Usborne books & More consultant and start selling Usborne books, your commission  is 25% on direct sales. You also earn a 4% personal sales bonus each month when your direct sales are over $1,000. When you promote to Team Leader, you earn an additional 8.5% on your personal sales and your team’s direct sales!

What is my start up cost?

We have two kit options to choose from. The New Consultant Kit contains 20 titles and business supplies for $125 (Value of over $280).

The New Consultant Mini Kit contains 10 titles and business supplies for $75. (Value of over $175).

Both kits also include a 6 month E-Business Package, which gives you all the online tools needed to run your business. After 6 months, it is only $8 a month. You can earn the cost of either kit back in your first 30 days by meeting sales goals too.

What are the sales minimums or quotas?

There are NO monthly or annual sales minimums, for consultants. You will always earn your commission on your sales no matter how much or how little you’ve sold.

What is the time commitment?

You can work as much or as little as you like! A home party lasts around two hours including set up and take down. A Facebook party lasts an hour or less. Prep time and ordering can take approximately one hour for each party. These times will vary for each consultant. The beauty of this job is that you truly get to make it your own!

If I join Usborne, how do I get paid?

Commission is paid every Wednesday via direct deposit. If you do not set up direct deposit, commission checks are mailed out monthly.

Can I work with Schools and Libraries?

For libraries and schools, you can apply to be an Educational Services Representative. Once certified, you can work with schools and libraries in your area that aren’t already being worked with and “listed” (as we call it) by another Educational Sales Representative. Preschools and daycares can be worked with without being an Educational Sales Representative.

Are there incentives?

Each month there are two levels of challenges you can strive for by meeting sales and recruiting goals. The rewards for these challenges include supplies, books, branded items, logo wear and more! There are also two big contests per year where an INCENTIVE TRIP can be earned as well as a larger items, such as an iPad, Coach purse, Apple/Android watches, and MORE!

How else can I sell Usborne books?

While home and Facebook parties are popular and can be the foundation of the business, you have many options! You can join Usborne books and sell in so many ways:

    • Home Parties
    • Online Parties (on Facebook or other options)
    • Book drives
    • Fundraisers
    • Booths and vendor events
    • Grant matching program
    • Reading incentive program
    • After certification as an Educational Services Representative, work with schools and libraries

There is a world of possibilities awaiting you in this business!

Do I need a large inventory?

NOPE! Orders are submitted to Home Office and shipped out for you. For book fair events, inventory is sent to you from Home Office or directly to the school.

How are host benefits sent?

Our Home Office will provide the free and half-priced books for your hostesses.

What if I just want books for myself?

 The beauty of no minimums or commitments means that some consultants purchase the kit to build their own library, home school their kids, or simply host their own party a few times a year to keep earning free and discounted books. Other people purchase the kit to either earn spending money or for a full blown income. You can truly do as much or as little as you want with Usborne books & More!

Remind me again how to join and become and Usborne consultant?

You can click here to join Usborne or contact us any time. Want someone to contact you. Just provide your email address!