It’s A Unicorn World!

WHAT’S POPULAR? Well UNICORNS of course! Have unicorns really ever gone off trend?  I mean really?!?! Unicorn love has been a staple as far back as I can remember and still seems to be thriving today. Who can blame children when they see their cute faces, furry manes and magical horns? When you add those

Popcorn Stories!

Let’s talk about an easy storytelling activity for building oral language. Encouraging your child to tell and share more stories will connect them to their creativity. Try this fun activity with your child…Popcorn Stories! Popcorn Stories are basically little stories that “pop” into your head when you hear certain prompts. My favorite and easiest is

Raising A Reader

Raising a reader has always been an important parenting goal of mine. Bedtime stories are a ritual in our house. Since Amelia was a baby, my husband or I would read to her at bedtime. Amelia would have all of her favorite books lined up in the order that she wanted us to read them. Each