Usborne Black Friday Sale

Black Friday? Let’s keep these deals going until MONDAY NIGHT!

Come to our Facebook group to find the discounts you’ll get, and about the hundreds of dollars in free books you could win!

How do I get the Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal?

  1. Join our VIP group to get access
  2. Go to our special Black Friday event
  3. Learn about our deals we are offering
  4. In our VIP group, you’ll get access to the deals and special link!
  5. Got questions? Just contact us!

Our offer is LITERALLY too good to post publicly!

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Black Friday 2019 (and Cyber Monday!) are almost here! What specials will Usborne Books & More offer? Check back here to find out! Or join our VIP Group to get the quickest information! Happy shopping!

Usborne For Kids provides quality, creative and fun books to promote excellence in education for kids of all ages. Are you looking for the best Usborne Black Friday or Usborne Cyber Monday deals? Shop online with Usborne Books & More or join our VIP Group!

How to get Usborne Black Friday Deals for 2019

Our VIP Group for Usborne Books is the best place to get all our stuff. You can interact directly with us to get the latest information, book recommendations and, of course, our latest specials and deals. We will let you know about specials offered by on Usborne for Kids on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We offer the entire range of books from Usborne and Kane Miller — a total of nearly 2,000 titles and are glad to answer any questions concerning our wonderful book selection or recommend books for children of all ages. So would you like the best deal? Information on sales and discounts are the best of all? Become a VIP Group member!

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