Usborne Books Party

Hosting an Usborne Books Party – Online, Facebook or Home Party

Hosting an Usborne Books Party with Usborne Books & More party offers generous hostess rewards! It is common theme that many of our hosts are existing customers and have had one or more parties in the past . Why, you ask? Because it’s quick, easy and offers great rewards. Our average host receives around $300 in FREE and discounted books! 

Hostess Rewards – Earn FREE and DISCOUNTED books

The table below shows how much you can earn in FREE Usborne Books & More products when you host a party. If your party total sales meets or exceeds the total in the “sales” column, you will earn the amount of corresponding free books and have the option of purchasing additional half-price books as well.

SalesFree BooksHalf-Price Books

Looking for an Usborne Books party? A Facebook party? A home party? Just have questions? Usborne Books & More can help with all of that! Host a Home Party with friends, or host an online virtual party! Either way, you are eligible for our great hostess rewards.


  • What does it cost me to host and Usborne Books Party? There is no cost and there is no obligation!
  • If I request a party, am I obligated to host? No. There is no commitment, no cost, no contract and no obligation at any time.
  • Are the books really FREE? What’s the catch? You do need to pay shipping. You do NOT pay tax. Other than that? Yes, they’re really free.
  • Can I just have my own “personal party” to get my own free books? Sure! If you want to place a large order and get party rewards, just contact us!
  • What do I have to do to host? You need to invite your friends and have them attend. Whether in-person or virtually, you need people to attend and buy books in order for you to earn rewards.
  • Why would my friends want to attend? We make the party fun, even when on-line. We will have a live consultant to give great, personalized recommendations.
  • What free books can I choose from? You choose books from the entire catalog. There are no restrictions.
  • What if I order from my own Usborne Books party? Will that count towards earning free books? Yes, you are welcome to order from your own party.
  • Can’t I just buy these books on Amazon? Or in my local book-store? Only a small portion of our catalog is available via 3rd party sellers. We offer the entire 2,000 title catalog directly through Usborne Books & More.
  • But Amazon is cheaper and has free shipping! We shop on Amazon too. Generally, you will find Usborne Books offered from 3rd party sellers. Sometimes above MSRP. Sometimes without free shipping. Sometimes used. Sometimes not actually in-stock. And of course, sometimes it might be cheaper. You will always find the best selection directly from Usborne.

Still have questions? contact us for details or start the process of booking a party below:

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